About Us

Founded in 2016, Expertois is a marketplace for on-demand consulting services.

The founders are a team of corporate professionals who have their entrepreneurial flame burning strong. Each of us have been a consultant in our careers and fully understand the practical inefficiencies of finding, hiring and working with consulting firms.

We launched Expertois with the aim of bringing together top business consultants who not only have consulting experience but also deep domain knowledge. We want to help companies work with these experts to improve profitability, manage risks and grow business - with minimum administrative overhead and ensuring full confidentiality.

We fundamentally want to disrupt how business consulting is done today. With the technology today, work is being redefined. You no longer need to be confined to a location, company or timezone. We want to empower professionals, who know how to deliver quality results, to be their own bosses and work on what they enjoy the most.

Our vision is to be the first choice for any company who is looking to hire business consultants as well as for experts who want to have a career in consulting.


It all started like it usually does - over drinks. Pushkar, Shamik and couple other friends were on a reunion vacation alongwith their families. While recounting the good times together and remembering how all of us have grown, it came down to passion in life. During the course of discussion, they struck upon the idea of Expertois, a marketplace which uses technology to bring consulting talent together and solve business problems. That's how they got their mission for rest of their lives. It took few months to chisel the idea, get outside perspective and give it a proper shape before launch.

Meet The Team

The team has the background, proven track-record and vision to succeed


Chief Executive Officer

In the last few years, Pushkar has been driving GoToMarket strategies with P&L responsibility for various industry verticals including Renewable Energy, Waste Water treatment, Real Estate, and disruptive technologies in the Oil & Gas exploration sector.

At Expertois, Pushkar is in charge of P&L, delivering on company vision, mission and roadmap and managing relationships with all stakeholders including Clients, Experts and Investors. Pushkar brings in a unique blend of consulting and operations experience with an eye for detail and a determined approach to ensure deadlines are met and targets are delivered.

Pushkar does manage to maintain the fun and family quotient in his life by cooking for his daughter and son over the weekend, or catching up on movies or hitting the golf balls at the driving range. He is an MBA in Finance from M S University, Baroda and B.E. in Electronics from University of Pune.

Fun Fact - Believes that a week in Goa is the right way to destress and hence drives down every year in the monsoons to Goa.


Chief Marketing Officer

In the last decade, he has been an analyst, planner, strategist, marketer and consultant in industries ranging from nuclear & renewable power to tech services to retail. At Expertois, Shamik is in charge of driving growth by acquiring and retaining clients as well as experts. He combines his technical expertise, consulting experience, and cool head to ensure that everyone is successful. When away from work, Shamik can be found spending time with his family, reading books, watching sports and sometimes cooking. He holds a B. Engg from Gujarat University and M. Engg. from Texas A&M University.

Fun fact - He can sing a bit but sounds much better after few beers!!!