What does Expertois do?

Expertois is a global marketplace for management consulting and digital projects.

Clients come to Expertois to find an expert to deliver a service they need - we call this the 'Project'. Based on the Project brief - all the information about the service the client is looking for, their estimated budget and expected date for delivery – the requirement is released on the Marketplace (we call this 'listing') and promote it to the Marketplace of Subject Matter Experts. Expertois works with the Experts on their proposals (we call them 'pitches') and shortlists those that best meet the client's requirements. When the client has chosen their Expert, they are both given access to Expertois’ ProjectRoom, our online project management tool, to complete the project.

How are you different than consulting firms and other freelance services?

Expertois is created for qualified professionals to offer consulting services in an affordable and flexible manner compared to traditional consulting firms. It’s become incredibly difficult to find reliable subject matter experts and consultants at a price and experience level that justifies the consultant’s rate.

At Expertois, we thoroughly prequalify and validate our experts to ensure we only supply experts and consultants of the absolute highest caliber. To make an analogy, existing open freelance marketplaces are an eBay for experts, whereas Expertois is an Amazon. At Expertois, we go to extreme lengths to provide and guarantee quality.


How exactly do you screen candidates to be sure your experts meet all of our requirements?

In a nutshell, we screen for academic background, professional experience and skill sets. We review professional portfolio, references and we match candidates with project requirements.

We also deploy our internal algorithm to match project requirements with skill sets offered by consultants. This enables generating top matching experts profiles for clients to screen and select.

How long will it take for my profile to get approved?

We have a competitive selection process, so you should take the application process seriously. If you possess key skills necessary for consulting projects and have a complete profile, typically you will be approved within 5 business days.

If you represent a company or working with a team of consultants, then the profile should talk about your team, the kind of projects you have pursued in the past and your industry focus. If you think you have the right skills but you have not heard back from us in five business days, reach out to our support team for resolution.

Why was my profile not approved?

Expertois platform undertakes a rigorous process of pre-qualifying resources before enrolling as an expert. There can be many reasons for rejection of profile including: not meeting our pre-set qualification matrix, incomplete profile, wrong references, missing sample deliverables. The Expertois support team will reach out to you in case additional documents are needed to support your profile.

Why was I not selected?

We know it can be a bit discouraging to prepare a bid, get excited about a project, and then not be selected. Clients usually receive several high-quality bids and there are a number of unique reasons why a Client chooses an alternative consultant. The most common reasons include: more directly relevant experience, a more detailed pitch and more detailed proposed milestones. Perhaps try a slightly different approach next time and be sure to thoughtfully explain your proposal! And don’t worry! We’re hard at work making sure that we consistently have unique projects posted to our site. We encourage you to keep bidding (it can take a few bids to be selected for a project).

How should I respond if a Client asks to work with me outside of the Expertois platform?

Engaging with a Client on the platform and then circumventing the website to work on a project that was posted to the website (or any project with that business in the future) is strictly prohibited and violates our Terms of Service. If a business request that you circumvent our platform, please let us know by sending an email to info@expertois.com . If Expertois learns of an Expert and a Client violating this clause of our Terms of Service, both the expert and client will be banned from the service.

How do I find projects?

We have multiple ways to help you find suitable projects.

  • You will receive notification with list of relevant projects based on your skill set and also view them under “Recommended Projects” section.
  • You can search and browse through all the projects listed on the platform.
  • You will receive email notification if a client has sent you a project invite.


How do I get started?

As a first step, please register yourself as a Client. Provide basic details about your company and your account shall be activated after quick verification.

Next, define your project. Provide your problem statement, expected deliverables, the skills you're looking for, and your desired deadline. You may contact Expertois support team to help you articulate your needs, and prepare a thorough listing so that experts can respond suitably.

You can also find relevant experts by searching through vast database of experts and inviting qualified experts to apply.

How do I choose a budget?

Be realistic about what can be achieved with the budget you have to spend. A well-estimated budget is important to ensure the project listing receives suitable bids from the experts.

You may refer other project listings to get an idea about budget for similar projects. You may contact Expertois support team to get some guidance about what may be achievable within the budget you have, based on our past projects.

What kind of work can I get done?

You may refer other project listings to get an idea about budget for similar projects. You may contact Expertois support team to get some guidance about what may be achievable within the budget you have, based on our past projects.

What different kinds of project models do you offer?

We have different models for getting consulting work done.

  • Micro consulting – electronic surveys, telephonic conversations or need-based advisory
  • Outcome based consulting – based on agreed targets and deliverables
  • Time & Material consulting – consulting services per booked hours

How do I hire the right expert?

Start by writing a clear and concise Project Scope Of Work post. Each expert submits a proposal and link to their Expertois profile covering:

  • Skills, experience
  • Sample of past work
  • Profile rating & Client feedback

You'll get applications from independent professionals and receive our personalized recommendations within two business days. From there, just interview your strongest candidates and hire your favorite.

In case you require any support in creating the Project SOW, Expertois business support team will be happy to help. Please send a request to support@expertois.com

How do I know if Experts are qualified?

We vet every Expert before approving their membership. We check their company history, expertise and skills, and run background assessments before listing their profile on the marketplace.

Can I ask experts to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes. If there are parts of your project that need to remain confidential, Experts can be asked to sign an NDA before the details can be shared with them. We can provide you with an NDA for that purpose. Also all signed agreements between you and the expert will remain in the project room database for future ready reference.

What's the best way to communicate with my expert?

Once you have selected the expert, you and the expert shall get access to the Project room. This facility will allow you to exchange contracts, send messages, submit/review timesheets and attach files securely.

Can I bring experts on-site?

In practice, there have only been a few instances where clients have felt it absolutely necessary to bring an Expert physically on-site. If this truly is a requirement, you can work out the logistics and cost with the expert to relocate to your location for a specified period of time.

What happens if an Expertois expert is unavailable for the days or times he/she is scheduled to work with me?

Expertois goes to every possible length to ensure that this NEVER happens. At Expertois, we completely understand dependability is of the utmost importance. Thus, we take measures to ensure that availability and reliability is a top priority for our experts. However, in the extremely unlikely circumstance that such a situation arises, Expertois will credit back the time billed to the client.

Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) of a project?

The Intellectual Property of a proposal submitted through Expertois’ Marketplace (we call this a ‘pitch’) is retained by the Expert unless and until they are selected by a Client and the Client has paid in full for the work carried out by the selected Expert. Once full payment has been made by the Client, the Intellectual Property transfers to that Client.

Unsuccessful pitches remain the property of the relevant Expert.

See further details in the Expertois Terms and Conditions.

How do we ensure that our IP is protected?

Experts are no different from anyone on your team in terms of legal status and their ownership of the product you create. Any non-compete or non-disclosure agreements are made between you and the Expert. Expertois does its best to provide forms and legal documents in order to facilitate and streamline these processes. You’re welcome to use your own when entering into an agreement with an Expertois expert; however, our legal division will need to review the paperwork first.

What happens if there is disagreement between the Client and Expert over whether a project is complete?

It is crucial that the consultant and business agree to a clear set of deliverables to be completed by an agreed-upon date. We highly recommend speaking with the business prior to getting a project underway to ensure alignment. The milestones have proven to be very helpful in clarifying expectations and safeguarding against scope creep. However we understand disagreements may arise, and Expertois has a team ready to resolve all conflicts in a fair manner.

I have a question, which is not answered here.

Not a problem. You can contact us at info@expertois.com .